Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Our company was the first company to create rail kits and is still the only company that offers a fully bolt on linear rail kit. The big benefits to our rail kits vs the competition is our kits are machined and built in Michigan. We also test and verify every kit to meet our standards of quality. Each rail is verified through out our process. Our belt path has a restriction free design and there will be no rubbing or belt misalignment. Because we assemble our kits there is no alignment needed from the customer making the installation effortless.
Order completion times vary based on a few factors. Order volumes, backlog and assembly time. All components are stocked and when an order is placed the order goes into a assembly batch to be assembled. Once the batch is completed in assembly is then moved to inspect/pack. The popular kits we do try to build an abundance of during slow times and shelf them so that the only process is to pack/ship. We do project and produce all of our CNC plates for our kits several weeks ahead, however if volumes spike greater then projected from a sale or social share then there may be additional production time as components may need to be produced. We will provide updates if this situation occurs. Because we manufacture all the plates for our kits the only major supplier delay becomes the rails. We have several suppliers and the biggest factor is quality. We have agreements with all of our rail suppliers that the rails must meet our quality criteria. We receive rail shipments weekly and and inspect them during assembly. If they do not meet the criteria this can become an issue for shipments and cause a delay while we wait for new stock. We stand behind our products and quality is extremely important with the success of our products.