CR-6 SE X Axis Linear Rail Kit


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  • Solves issues with stock wheel misalignment and uneven wearing.
  • Uses the same mounting pattern for easy swap to only do X axis or both X and Z.
  • The X Carriage has Mounting Location for stock and other popular hotends & fangs.
  • Solid 1 piece design fixes issues with Z binding.
  • The belt routing eliminates rubbing and has a simple belt tensioner.
  • Reduces adjustment and machine maintenance.
  • smoother movements allowing for faster printing without artifacts.

Z Axis Linear Kit 400MM

  • (2) MGN12 400MM Linear Rails With Single MGN12H Block
  • Z Adjustable Limit Mount
  • (8) M3 x 6 Button Head Cap Screws
  • (3) M5 x 50 Button Head Cap Screws
  • (3) XZ Spacers
  • (3) M5 Hex Nuts
  • (32) M3 x 8 Socket Head Cap Screws
  • (32) M3 Drop In T-Nuts

30ml 3DPrinter Oil

The best formula to lubricate blocks and rails.

Also works great on lead screws and other moving parts.

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  • Fully Assembled X Axis Linear Rail Kit
  • Required Hardware