Dual Z Axis Upgrade Kit


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Fits Ender 3, Ender 3 Pro, Ender 3 V2


ender 3 pro v2 dual z axis upgrade kit
Detailed Steps
1. Turn off the printer, unplug the power cord, and use a hex wrench to remove the two screws which are secure the power supply. Remove the power supply.

2. Install the Coupler on the stepper motor and tighten the screws. Use the hexagon socket screws and the Z AxisMotor Bracket to fix the motor on the aluminum profile.

3. Remove all the screws of sheet metal pulley on the right side of the X axis.

4. Use long screws to fix the Z-axis sheet metal and install it on the X-axis right sheet metal. Screw the T8 screw into the screw nut to the coupler, and tighten the screw of coupler.

5. Install dual Z stepper cable to the motherboard, and connect two Z motors.

6. Install the Phillips screw and the boat nut on the power supply holder to install the power supply.

7. Place the lead screw bearing guide on the left and right sides of the X-axis aluminum profile and let the Z-axis rise to the highest position. If one side is uneven,turn the corresponding coupler clockwise.

8. Install the lead screw bearing guide and tighten the screws. Pay attention to the alignment position of the mount.

stepper motor cable for dual z axis upgrade kit
Installation of Stepper Cable
Connect the end of wire with 1 port to the original stepper cable connector.

Connect the end of wire with 2 ports to these 2 motor.

Do not connect the cable to the main board directly.

ender 3 pro v2 dual z axis kit backplate pulley screw set
Common Problems
Movement Not Smooth
1. Check if the pulley can it be rotated, there are 3 pulleys in total.

2. Check if the screw is too tight, which will also affect the movement.

3. Adjust the eccentric nut to change the distance between pulley and 3D printer frame.

Bed Not Level
When placing lead screw bearing guide, if one side is uneven, turn corresponding coupler clockwise.

Z-axis Run Not Smoothly
If Z axis does not run smoothly during operation, try to loosen screws of corresponding Z axis.