X Axis Rail Kit (300MM Build Volume)


Ships By 01,July 2024

Compatible With

• Ender 3 Max/Ender 3 Max Neo
• Ender 3 S1 Plus
• CR-10/CR-10S/CR-10V2/CR-10V3
• CR-10S Pro/CR-10S Pro V2
• CR-10 Smart/CR-10 Smart Pro
• Clones of the above(Not Verified)
• Any printer with a 400mm or 412mm Top Extrusion(Not Verified)


• No loss of build volume with stock components
• Center of gravity is closer to the nozzle eliminating ringing/vibrations
• Install with or without our Z axis linear rail kit (Front Face or Inside Face)
• Two Z Axis mount points to adapt to 400mm or 412mm Z extrusion spacing
• Selectable XCarriage for multiple print head configurations
• Solid 1 piece design solves issues with z axis binding
• Rear access to the belt clamp for easy replacement or additional adjustments
• Precision tested/cleaned and oiled linear rail
• Better belt routing to eliminate belt rubbing and uneven wear
• Precision machined all aluminum Belt Clamp
• Precision machined all aluminum Belt Tensioner
• Machined and built by 3DFused in Michigan


• Fully assembled X Axis Rail kit
• Your selection of XCarriage
• (4) M3x6 SHCS
• (1) XY Limit Kit


Your 3DPrinter is compatible with our Standard-XCarriage

Your 3DPrinter is compatible with our XCarriage-Adapter

Add Ons

30ml 3DPrinter Oil

3DFused Recommended oil for linear rails
premium high viscosity lubricant
custom formulated to prevent rust
Ideal for all moving components on your 3dprinter