Z Axis Rail Kit 550MM (Front Face)


Ships By 01,July 2024

Compatible with our X Rail Kits on the following printers

• CR-10/CR-10S/CR-10V2/CR-10V3
• CR-10S Pro/CR-10S Pro V2
• S4
• Clones of the above
• Any printer with a 550MM Z Extrusion with front T slots


• Precision tested/cleaned and oiled linear rails
• Mounts to the front face of the Z extrusion
• 3DFused X Axis Kit mounts directly to MGN12H
• No loss of build volume
• Tested and shipped by 3DFused in Michigan


• (2) 550MM linear rails with MGN12H Carriages
• (6) Aluminum XZ Spacers
• (6) M5x50 BHCS & M5 Hex Nuts
• (44) M3x8 SHCS & M3 T Nuts
• (8) M3x6 BHCS
• (1) Z Limit Kit

30ml 3DPrinter Oil

3DFused Recommended oil for linear rails
premium high viscosity lubricant
custom formulated to prevent rust
Ideal for all moving components on your 3dprinter